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News Update
Xiao Yaqing Meets with Mr. Rajeev S...
Xiao Yaqing Meets with Mr. Rajeev Suri, Chairman and CEO of Nokia On June 6, 2016, Chairman Xiao Yaqing met with Mr. Rajeev Suri, Chairman and CEO of Nokia.Xiao Yaqing welcomed Mr. Suri for his second...
Yan Xiaofeng Meets with Cuban Delegation Attending the Seminar on Studyi 29/06/2016
Shen Ying Meets with Ms. Marie Diron, Chief Analyst of Moody’s 29/06/2016
Chariman Xiao Yaqing Meets with Mr. Henry M. Paulson, Former U.S. Treasu 24/05/2016
Policies, Laws & Regulations
Guidelines to the State-owned Enterprises Directly under the Central Gov 06/12/2011
Interim Regulations on Supervision and Management of State-owned Assets 24/11/2003
Main Functions
Leadership of SASAC  
· Zhang Yi
· Xiao Yaqing
· Zhang Xiwu
· Huang Danhua
· Xu Fushun
· Meng Jianmin
· Jiang Jinquan
· Wang Wenbin
· Liu Qiang
· Yan Xiaofeng
· Shen Ying
· State Organs
· Central State-owned Enterprises
· Local State-owned Assets Management Authoritie...
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