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Sinopharm’s Medical Workers in Eritrea

Updated: February 27, 2024

Six medical workers of China National Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. (Sinopharm) were included in China’s 16th medical team to Eritrea.

They are Zhu Zhenjun, Zhou Dakai, Li Gonglong, Wang Xiao, Li Xin and Li Feng, all of whom come from Sinopharm’s Xinxiang Central Hospital in Central China’s Henan Province.

They carried out regular medical inspections in the country and played a crucial role when meeting with emergent accidents.

On a lonely road in Eritrea, a vehicle carrying seven people overturned and a girl’s leg was underneath the vehicle. What’s worse was that the nearest hospital was about 50 kilometers away.

The medical team came across the accident just after they had completed their rounds of visits and were returning to the station.

The medical team hurriedly got down from the vehicle, to check on the situation while Zhu, head of the team, comforted a lady crying for help.

The girl whose leg was underneath the overturned vehicle was also seriously injured in her head and other parts of her body, and was in critical condition.

Calling for first aid service from the hospital might have led to a serious time delay as most of the passengers were injured. The Chinese medical team decided to start treatment.

Some of them moved the vehicle and freed the girl while others started to deal with the injury.

Later, Zhu appointed two medical workers from the orthopedics and neurosurgery departments to accompany three injured women and four children to the emergency ward of the nearest hospital.

The most-seriously-injured girl was treated immediately while other passengers also received appropriate treatment.

The girl’s mother thanked the medical team after seeing her child escape the dangerous situation.

Sinopharm sent seven medical teams to seven countries such as Pakistan, Belarus and Iraq from 2020 to 2023. Following the principle of caring for life and health, the teams completed the foreign-aid medical missions, representing the responsibilities of the Chinese central state-owned enterprise.

(Executive editor: Zhu Zeya)