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How can the central State-owned enterprises continue to promote the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative?


In recent years, the central State-owned enterprises (SOEs) have been actively taking part in the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative and have made great achievements in the fields of infrastructure construction, energy cooperation and production capacity cooperation within the international community.

How can the central State-owned enterprises effectively prevent and control foreign risks?


​The central State-owned enterprises (SOEs) shall make plans that give full play to strategic guidance and put the international management of enterprises on the right track.

How much progress have central State-owned enterprises made in terms of targeted poverty alleviation?


Central State-owned enterprises (SOEs) had implemented targeted and effective measures in 246 poverty-stricken counties by the end of 2017.

How should the central State-owned enterprises make a breakthrough in the internationalization of capital management?


To date, China's central SOEs had 9,112 overseas branches with gross assets reaching some 700 million yuan ($107.7 million). We have laid a solid foundation in the internationalization of the central SOEs at the current stage.

How will SASAC help central SOEs achieve high-quality development?


For central State-owned enterprises (SOEs), many of them have a large business scale, but they still need to make more efforts to meet the requirements and pursue high-quality development.

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