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Updated: 2018-07-18

Internal Bureaux of SASAC    

  • General Office (Office of CPC Committee)

  • Bureau of Policies, Laws and Regulations

  • Bureau of Planning and Development

  • Bureau of Financial Supervision and Management

  • Bureau of Property Right Management

  • Bureau of Enterprise Reform

  • Bureau of Performance Evaluation and Remuneration

  • Bureau of Capital Operation and Returns Management

  • Bureau of General Affairs

  • First Bureau of Supervision (Office of SOE Supervisory Panels)

  • Second Bureau of Supervision

  • Third Bureau of Supervision

  • First Bureau for the Administration of Corporate Executives

  • Second Bureau for the Administration of Corporate Executives 

  • Bureau of Party Building (CPC Committee Organization Department, CPC Committee United Front Work Department)

  • Bureau of Publicity (CPC Committee Publicity Department)

  • Bureau of Research

  • Bureau of International Cooperation

  • Bureau of Personnel

  • Bureau of Industry Associations and Chambers of Commerce Party Building (Bureau of Industry Associations and Chambers of Commerce)

  • Bureau of In-house Logistics (Bureau of Retired Staff Management)

  • Staff Office Party Committee

  • CPC Committee Inspection Office, SASAC Inspection Panel

Inspector's Office of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the CPC at SASAC    

Institutions directly under SASAC    

  • China Business Executives Academy, Dalian

  • Education and Training Center for Officials and Entrepreneurs, SASAC

  • Research Center, SASAC

  • Information Center, SASAC

  • News Center, SASAC


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