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Genertec Gem Flower Healthcare Provides Reliable Medical and Health Services Overseas

Updated: August 22, 2023

Genertec Gem Flower Healthcare, a healthcare platform under China General Technology (Group) Holding Co Ltd, implements the Belt and Road Initiative, plays important roles in critical moments and key fields such as overseas emergency rescue and medical and health services, and contributes to joint construction of community with a shared future for mankind.

To date, Genertec Gem Flower Healthcare has dispatched medical personnel 130 times, providing services through on-site and remote modes to 51 countries and regions including Russia, Turkey, Iraq, the United Arab Emirates, Sudan, Niger, and Chad, adding new vitality to the high-quality joint construction of the Belt and Road.

Overseas and domestic collaborative medical service model

The overseas and domestic collaborative medical service model is a specialized, distinctive and humane medical and health service system formed by Genertec Gem Flower Healthcare to serve overseas employees of China's central SOEs. 

It primarily involves continuous integration of high-quality medical resources to meet overseas needs and establishment of overseas medical and health protection mechanisms, in a bid to offer timely and efficient medical treatment.

In April 2023, Genertec Gem Flower Healthcare resident doctors received an emergency patient who had a sudden heart attack, and was in very critical situation. The patient was a project employee of the Northwest Africa Branch of China Huayou Group Corporation, but the project construction site was more than 1,000 kilometers away from medical facilities with primary treatment capacities. In addition, the local infrastructure was poor and the transportation was extremely inconvenient.

"To save time is to save life." To achieve timely and effective treatment, Genertec Gem Flower Healthcare's resident doctors started the emergency rescue guarantee mechanism as soon as possible, and formed an emergency response team consisting of the project's HSE manager, resident doctors, local doctors, and domestic authoritative cardiology experts in China. The emergency response team developed detailed coordinated diagnosis, treatment, and air transfer plans.

Thanks to the medical team's scientific decisions and precise treatment, after on-site emergency treatment and air transfer via a small aircraft, and continuous follow-up by resident doctors, the patient was eventually transferred back to a domestic hospital for professional treatment in time.

Emergency response cases like this happen frequently in overseas projects of central SOEs. Genertec Gem Flower Healthcare's high-quality service system has provided a strong support for overseas employees of central SOEs.

In addition to emergency treatment, Genertec Gem Flower Healthcare provides various services for overseas employees of central SOEs, including health assessment, health management, occupational health, occupational disease prevention, mental health assessment, and infectious disease prevention and treatment, attaching greater importance to health management for overseas central state-owned enterprise employees.

Genertec Gem Flower Healthcare has been striving for standardizing the medical and health system for central SOEs overseas projects, and has achieved standardization in personnel allocation, medical facilities and service systems. 

As of now, Genertec Gem Flower Healthcare has established long-term partnerships with more than 20 overseas units of central SOEs such as China National Petroleum Corporation and China Communications Construction Company Limited, serving more than 100,000 central SOEs employees overseas.

Developing new strategies to demonstrate China's responsibility

Win-win cooperation is the consensus of world development today. While serving the central SOEs overseas, Genertec Gem Flower Healthcare has always been committed to fostering cooperation and exchanges, sharing resources, and maintaining closer relations with countries along the Belt and Road.

The African region has long been plagued by falciparum malaria due to factors such as natural environment and economic conditions, resulting in weak diagnostic capabilities.

In April 2023, Genertec Gem Flower Healthcare sent a falciparum malaria medical treatment service team to General Hospital of Niger in Africa with professional medical standards and treatment plans. Working together with the Chinese medical team in Niger, they provided diagnostic standards and treatment plans for falciparum malaria microscope testing and treatment.

The team leader of the Genertec Gem Flower Healthcare participating in this project said, "As medical and nursing personnel from a Chinese central SOE, we are deeply honored to provide medical standards and treatment services for countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative. We hope to have more opportunities to participate in joint construction and sharing, demonstrating the strong vitality of Chinese enterprises involved in medical care."

During the COVID-19 epidemic, Genertec Gem Flower Healthcare mobilized domestic resources urgently, donated medical supplies to local hospitals, and sent 70 medical and nursing staff to participate in overseas anti-epidemic efforts.

Florence Juma, a doctor at Nairobi Hospital in Kenya, who worked on the epidemic prevention and control with Genertec Gem Flower Healthcare medical and nursing personnel, said, "In Chinese medical personnel, I see the spirit of saving lives and boundless compassion, and also feel their broad-mindedness. If I have the opportunity, I would like to learn advanced medical experience in China."

At the beginning of 2022, Genertec Gem Flower Healthcare sent a medical and nursing team to participate in COVID-19 prevention and control in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Since the local medical resources were extremely scarce, the medical team not only provided medical support, but actively sought resource support, leading to a comprehensive upgrade of the local medical facilities.

The transformation of a small medical facility became a new starting point for Genertec Gem Flower Healthcare's healthcare practice on the Belt and Road.

In the future, Genertec Gem Flower Healthcare will continue to improve the health and well-being of people around the world through practical actions, make positive contributions to the construction of a global health community, and jointly safeguard a bright future for human health.

(Executive editor: Xie Yunxiao)