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CSCEC: Dream Builders by the Side of Mountain

Updated: May 31, 2023

Buildings are often carriers of people's aspiration for a good life and decoration - through the use of light, color, and space - imbues them with vitality.

China State Decoration Group Company Limited, a subsidiary of China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC), draws the distance close between Chinese and Islamic people by building a public welfare schools for pupils in the ancient country Sri Lanka.

Covering an area of 360 square meters, the school has a two-story building for teaching, office and reading. Its decoration involves traditional Islamic cultural patterns as well as the building and decoration materials had also considered local climate characteristics and the Islamic culture.

The building makes full use of natural light and ventilation, making it comfortable to stay in without installation of air conditioners and greatly cut down energy consumption.

Construction of the school building was carried out during rain seasons, which made it quite difficult to move large-scale machines into the construction site. Good news was that local villagers spontaneously came to help with material transport and well building while they helped deal with engineering difficulties.


A CSCEC staff member shows local workers construction requirements for the school building. [Photo/sasac.gov.cn]

Taking advantage of the construction, CSCEC's technicians offered technical skill training to local young people, which increased opportunities for them to hunt a job in urban areas and improved economic condition of their families.

In addition to construction, workers at the project department also joined hands with villagers to organize drawing and designing competitions for local pupils and opened one-hour classroom to teach children Maths and English.

Upon operation of the school, children from more than 10 villages in affected areas are able to accept education. The school is expected to lighten the "road of growth" of local children and bring them happiness.

CSCEC builders will continue to make efforts in overseas projects and contribute to bringing people happiness through construction of high-quality and meaningful buildings.

(Executive editor: Xie Yunxiao)