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CREC Takes Lead in Development of Advanced TBMs

Updated: May 23, 2023

China Railway Group Limited (CREC) has taken the lead in the development of advanced tunnel boring machines (TBMs) in both China and the world in recent years.


The photo shows the "Caucasia" TBM, a full face hard rock TBM with the world's largest diameter of 15.8 meters. It is now operating at the Kvesheti-Kobi highway tunnel project. [Photo provided to sasac.gov.cn]


The photo shows the world's first green TBM developed by CREC with an excavation diameter of 9.16 meters. It is currently being used on the construction of the high-speed railway tunnel on the island of Sicily, Italy. [Photo provided to sasac.gov.cn]


The photo shows the "Snow Land Pioneer", China's first large-diameter TBM designed for the railway construction in high-altitude and extremely-cold regions and the world's first dual-structure hard rock TBM. Its diameter is 10.33 meters. [Photo provided to sasac.gov.cn]


The photo shows the "Greater Bay Area" ultra-large-diameter slurry balanced TBM. It has an excavation diameter of 13.32 meters and was specially developed for the construction of the Pearl River Estuary Tunnel of the Shenzhen-Jiangmen railway in South China's Guangdong Province. The tunnel is currently the world's deepest of its kind and has the highest water pressure. [Photo provided to sasac.gov.cn]


The photo shows the world's first full face upward mucking shaft boring machine with an excavation diameter of 7.83 meters. It is being used in construction of the Ninghai Hydropower Station in East China's Zhejiang Province. [Photo provided to sasac.gov.cn]


The photo shows "CREC 1144" TBM with a diameter of 4.57 meters. It is the first China-made TBM to be exported to Germany and is being used in a thermal power tunnel project in Hamburg, Germany. [Photo provided to sasac.gov.cn]


(Executive editor: Wang Ruoting)