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CREC: All Aboard, Southeast Asia’s First High-Speed Railway

SASAC, CGTN| Updated: December 16, 2022

Jakarta and Bandung are two key center cities in Indonesia. Many Jakartans travel to the cooler Bandung region for a short vacation every weekend. Depending on the severity of traffic, driving time varies from three to eight hours each way.

The situation is about to change as the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway, which was contributed to by such Chinese enterprises as China Railway Group Limited (CREC), is scheduled to open to traffic by the middle of next year. At this point, travel time between the two cities will be reduced to 40 minutes.

The Indonesian government had plans to build a high-speed railway as early as 2012, and the project finally broke ground in 2015. Designed and built by Chinese enterprises, the 142-kilometer railway has a maximum operating speed of 350 kilometers per hour.

Once operational, people will be able to enjoy safe, fast and comfortable across-city travel, which will effectively relieve commuting pressure between the two cities, promote the flow of people and logistics, and drive the economic growth of Jakarta and Bandung.

As the first high-speed railway in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway will also become a national project for the Indonesian people to be proud of.

Watch the video to learn more about construction of the high-speed railway.


(Executive editor: Wang Ruoting)