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For the Common Good: Retaining Original Aspiration, China Mobile Shows Love in UAE

Updated: November 17, 2022

During Ramadan in 2022, China Mobile International Limited actively responded to the call of the UAE Food Bank and launched a food donation initiation with the bank. The company collected dozens of rice and flour packages and donated them to the collection point designated by the UAE Food Bank on April 20. Food and health inspector Sajiv Raghavan expressed his appreciation to the company, saying that the kindness conveys the cultural concept of repaying society during the Ramadan period.


Staff members at China Mobile International Limited donate food during Ramadan. [Photo provided to sasac.gov.cn]

Meanwhile, China Mobile International Limited visited the Al Noor Rehabilitation & Welfare Association for People of Determination, a local welfare institute for special children. Staff members of the company brought toys and held a symposium with the management team of the institute, learning about its operation and demands and discussing future cooperation between the two sides. The institute's purpose is to provide special education for children having cognitive disorders, helping them gain basic living and technical skills so they can be involved in society. As a long-term supporting partner of the institute, China Mobile International Limited had previously purchased birthday cakes and trophies for the institute's workers, contributing to its healthy operation and education of the UAE's special children.

On March 25, China Mobile in Kenya visited the Bishop Opera Luigi Locati Children's Home and donated supplies including clothes, shoes and quilts. The staff member of the company also had exchanges with the children and encouraged them to insist on learning and completing their basic education. Thomas, head of the institute, showed his appreciation to the company and said that the supplies were a timely support to the institute and the visitors' conversations with the children gave them mental support and will help them build confidence to life and their futures.


Children at the Bishop Opera Luigi Locati Children's Home pose with staff members of China Mobile in Kenya on March 25, 2022. [Photo provided to sasac.gov.cn]

(Executive editor: Li Zhiyong)