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Energy China: Building a Road to Prosperity in Angola

Updated: May 17, 2022

A road in Luanda Province, Angola, built by Guangxi Hydroelectric Construction Bureau Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Energy Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (Energy China), was recently completed and opened to traffic. This put an end to local people traveling on unpaved dirt roads.

The 6-meter wide two-lane road has a designed speed of 60 kilometers per hour.

Traveling on the wide, smooth road, people can enjoy the green plants and the vast savanna. The road is a bridge between modern civilization and the rural grasslands.  

In old days, the backward traffic condition greatly limited export of local products, dragging down the development of Angola's rural economy.

Construction of the road started in January 2021.

The total length of the road is eight kilometers. Its construction as a high-quality road was complicated for a municipal project.

The cohesive expansive soil and the sandy red clay also added challenges to the project.

To guarantee quality, builders recorded and analyzed key issues and concerns every day. They conducted an all-round isolation and close-up foundation trench engineering and at the same time optimized the rain and sewage pipeline network. They updated road markings, which eased local people's traveling experience while work was in progress.

It took over 90 Chinese and African builders almost a year — more than 300 days and nights — to complete.

Smooth transport leads to prosperous industries. Thanks to the new road, local agricultural products can be exported by trucks, which will help to increase residents' income.

The road not only links the area to other regions, but also leads local people to a brighter future.

(Executive editor: Wang Ruoting)