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CRRC Holds Open House at CTEA Production Base in Australia

Updated: November 05, 2021

CRRC Corporation Limited (CRRC) recently held an online open house at the CRRC Times Electric Australia Pty Ltd (CTEA), showcasing the company's cooperation with local enterprises.

CRRC launched a production base in Melbourne, Australia in 2018, committing to local manufacturing, purchasing, recruitment, maintenance, repairing and management.

It is mainly responsible for traction system production, in-operation subway train adjustment and component after-sale service.

The production base has brought fresh blood to the Australian automobile industry and created jobs for local people, contributing to the region's economic transformation.

According to the open house, public transport in Melbourne is under great pressure, as the system needs to transport 28 million tourists annually. The production base intends to contribute to improving urban traffic.

The event also showed cultural exchange events launched by CRRC.

For example, the company held a photo exhibition focused on the red-crowned crane, intending to introduce the animal and show the company's respect for nature.

It also invited the public to some of its plants to help people learn more about the company.

(Executive editor: Wang Ruoting)