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CTG Holds Open House Event at San Gaban III Hydroelectric Power Plant in Peru

Updated: September 08, 2021

China Three Gorges Corporation (CTG) recently held an online open house event at the San Gaban III Hydroelectric Power Plant in Peru, showcasing its efforts to protect the environment and promote local development during construction.

The San Gaban III Hydroelectric Power Plant has a total installed capacity of 209 megawatts and an annual power output of more than 1.25 billion kilowatt-hours, an equivalent to reduction of 338,000 metric tons of greenhouse gases.

Once fully operational, the plant is expected to provide clean energy for about 35,000 local residents in southern Peru and to boost regional social and economic development.

The online open house video showed that before engineering, CTG staffers monitored the air, water and sound information in surrounding areas and recorded 334 kinds of animals and 105 types of plants.

To protect local creatures from harm brought about by the construction, the company sent the animals to an animal rescue center. 

What's more, planting was done on more than 9,000 square meters of land for environmental compensation and key specimens like orchids were transferred to other natural habitats.

Innovative technologies were also adopted to shorten the construction period, improve efficiency, and protect the environment during construction.

It's worth noting that the project has also driven economic growth in affected area by recruiting local people and supporting services in nearby areas.

About 71.4 percent of the workers at the project were local residents and matters of accommodation, traffic, catering and renting of cars and heavy machinery were all taken up by local people.

Improvement in local employees' income was another benefit of the project, as was organization of training courses and educational courses for children in neighboring communities by workers at the construction site and the local government.

A result of energy cooperation between China and Peru, the project is a reflection of CTG's practices in local ecological management.

(Executive editor: Wang Ruoting)