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CNBM Holds Open House in Papua New Guinea

Updated: August 25, 2021

BNBM PNG LTD, a subsidiary of China National Building Material Group Co., Ltd. (CNBM), recently held an online open house in Papua New Guinea to showcase the company's development in the country and its contribution to local livelihoods.

Established in 1992, the company now has 12 building material and home furnishing supermarkets and two distribution centers in seven cities in the country.

Local employees at the company account for 93 percent of the total number of employees. With an average annual tax bill of 20 million yuan ($3.08 million), the company is a main tax payer in the country.


Employees at BNBM PNG LTD pose for a photo. [Photo provided to sasac.gov.cn]

Joe Hakaiyo at the asset management department of the company said that he started to work there in 1994 and has learned much about building materials and home furnishings, which is very useful.


A view of the BNBM POM VARAHE BRANCH in Papua New Guinea [Photo provided to sasac.gov.cn]

A leading building material and home furnishing provider in the country, BNBM PNG LTD in Papua New Guinea has played a key role in supporting local infrastructure construction, social development and livelihood improvement based on China-made products and has also practiced the principle of making the best use of resources to serve construction and using materials to build a bright future.

The company's products have been used in various projects such as the Port Moresby Sea Square, the convention center for APEC, Parliament House, the South Pacific Sports Venue and highway construction.


A view of the BNBM POM HOME CENTRE in Port Moresby, capital city of Papua New Guinea [Photo provided to sasac.gov.cn]

Meanwhile, the BNBM POM VARAHE BRANCH and BNBM POM HOME CENTRE in Port Moresby, capital city of Papua New Guinea, the first two destinations shown at the event, are shops where local residents can buy diversified and high-quality China-made products at affordable prices.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, the company highly valued epidemic prevention and control while providing crucial supplies and donating funds to local hospitals, schools, orphanages and the association for the disabled persons. It also served places seriously hit by the epidemic, which showed Chinese enterprise's fulfillment of social responsibility and won a good reputation from the local government and the society as a whole.


Employees of BNBM PNG LTD give out daily supplies to local children. [Photo provided to sasac.gov.cn]

(Executive editor: Wang Ruoting)