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CNPC: China and Africa achieve win-win on energy

Updated: 2018-09-03

Africa is one of the most targeted investment areas for international oil companies. Since the Belt and Road Initiative, China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) has strengthened cooperation with Africa on oil and gas resources, and its business scale and strength have been continuously enhanced. Africa has become the second largest source of Chinese crude oil imports.

In Africa, CNPC has helped African countries such as Sudan, Chad and Niger to establish an upstream and downstream integrated oil industry system. Sudan has changed from an oil importing country to an oil exporter.

C:UsersyangxiDesktopu56fd资委图u4e2d石油The Merowe Friendship Bridge built by PetroChina.png

The Merowe Friendship Bridge built by CNPC

CNPC has successively carried out oil and gas investment,field engineering and technical services in Africa. It has operated more than 20 projects in Sudan, South Sudan, Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Tanzania, Niger, Chad, Nigeria, Tunisia and Mozambique. CNPC’s oil and gas cooperation project in Africa has provided tens of thousands of jobs to the region.

In Blocks 1/2/4 of Sudan, CNPC’s science and technology personnel successfully developed and built a large oil field of tens of million tons in less than two years. In Blocks 3/7, CNPC has discovered the Palogue oil field with reserve of 500 million tons.

C:UsersyangxiDesktopu56fd资委图u4e2d石油Sudan 124 project oil field site.png

Blocks 1/2/4 project oil field site

In Niger, CNPC achieved an annual production target of millions of tons of crude oil, a processing capacity of millions of tons of crude oil per year and nearly 500 kilometers of oil pipelines in only three years.

In Chad, in just five years, CNPC has built a 1 million-ton oil field, a 310-km oil pipeline, and a 1 million-ton N’Djamena refinery.

In the construction of cooperative projects, CNPC actively promotes using local talents. Their numbers, with international project management capabilities and operational experience, have grown continuously, which greatly improves the sustainable development ability of the resource countries.

CNPC has not only found oil in Africa, but also fulfilled its corporate social responsibility.

C:UsersyangxiDesktopu56fd资委图u4e2d石油Donated water wells for Daguwa Village.png

Donated water wells for Daguwa Village

During 20 years’ oil cooperation, CNPC has invested a total of 120 million US dollars into public welfare undertakings in Sudan and South Sudan.

In Niger, where many children are kept out of school and there are poor teaching facilities, CNPC donated money to build a teaching building which many children are now able to attend.

In Niger, the camp sewage treatment station built by CNPC became operational in March 2017. Its recycling of sewage saves 94 thousand tons of groundwater every year.

Together with its African partners, CNPC is writing a magnificent poem with hard work, cooperation, and a win-win attitude.

(Executive editor: Hao Wen)

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