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China promotes infrastructure construction development of Ugandan

Updated: 2018-09-03

China National Complete Plant Import & Export Corporation Limited (hereinafter referred to as COMPLANT), a company under the management of State Development & Investment Corporation (SDIC) 

Evan joined the COMPLANT’s Ugandan Branch in 2010. He is a great engineer and also a project bidding specialist.  

Evan often talks about the past and present of the company with colleagues.  

C:UsersyangxiDesktopLUGOGO House 1.png

LUGOGO House 1

The building we are in today – LUGOGO House, was constructed by the company. I still remember that the construction started in 2011 and completed in 2014. As a quality assurance checker, my job was to review a number of drawings and conduct checks at the sites, so I spent a lot of time at the office or construction site. I went to great lengths checking the details, as even the smallest discrepancy could not be tolerated. A gap of one centimeter, a screw, all went through strict scrutiny. Any issue identified must be resolved. If I was asked if the job was tiring or exhausting, I would say with honesty that it was. But it was worthwhile because my job matters.

C:UsersyangxiDesktopNelson Mandela Bay Stadium 1.png

Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium 1

During the lunch break, some colleagues and I were talking about the history of the company. A senior colleague, who has worked for the company for many years, said, “Do you know that the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium was constructed by us. It was the first project that COMPLANT constructed in Uganda under the aid program in 1994. It meant so much to us. Back then we went through a lot to complete the project against unfavorable conditions. Following that, we undertook many projects here, like the Ugandan Bureau of Statistics Building, the Court House of LUBAGA, Uganda University of Science and Technology, Uganda Computer Services Building, LUGOGO House, Makerere University Computer Information and Technology Extension Project, and WANDEGEYA Market.”

I was impressed and felt proud about such a great job that our company has done in Uganda. We enjoyed the break and went back to work feeling great about the company and our jobs.

As I gained more experience through the projects, I was transferred from quality assurance to marketing, and took up a role in project bidding. I felt confident and looked forward to the new role. It was not long before I came across a challenge, to bid for the National Medical Store (NMS). It was a prioritized project that has gained importance in the eyes of all stakeholders in the company, from the executives to the staff. We allocated resources from various departments and formed special task forces with responsibilities in material preparation, pricing, binding, and external liaison. Everyone worked so hard for the project. When we finally got the notice of award, we knew that the hard work had paid off.

C:UsersyangxiDesktopUgandan Bureau of Statistics Building 1.png

Ugandan Bureau of Statistics Building 1

Winning the bid was only the start of the project. The preparation work was heavy and arduous, from drawing confirmation, project scheduling, material purchases, and staff training. For every step along the way, we needed to implement it after rounds of discussions. As a Ugandan, I knew very clearly how much the NMS project meant to the improvement of the nation’s medical care status-quo. Each and every detail has been strictly reviewed and controlled to ensure a proper project.

In the talks we had with Evan, he always said that, “the development of the Ugandan economy and the infrastructure here cannot do without contributions of the Chinese policies and Chinese companies. It was a pleasure for me to work as part of the big family of the COMPLANT Ugandan Branch. When I first started here, I knew nothing, but now I have the capacity to lead the team to achieve so much. My career has been supported by the company in so many ways. At the same time, I live a better life now thanks to the company. ”

C:UsersyangxiDesktopNMS Project 1.png

NMS Project 1

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