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CNPC aims to improve effectiveness and innovate a new method for poverty relief

Updated: July 18, 2018

Over the past decades, China National Petroleum Corp, one of the leading players in China's petroleum industry, has endeavored to improve people's livelihood and tackle poverty in the Tibet autonomous region and Qinghai province through an innovative and effective approach, according to the company. 

With an aid fund totaling 380 million yuan ($57.4 million), CNPC has offered peer-to-peer support to the Tsonyi county in Tibet since 2002 and started to provide Qinghai’s Lenghu district with partnership assistance in 2010. The company has assigned 13 merit staff to participate in the poverty alleviation efforts in those areas. 

Industry-oriented poverty relief   

CNPC focuses on carrying out targeted poverty alleviation of the tourism industry in Tsonyi. The company plans to build tourist trails in local areas and develop the auxiliary projects of the renowned tourism spot Purog Kangri Glacier.  

For the aid projects in Qinghai, CNPC decides to invest some 50 million yuan from 2017 to 2019 and construct provincial-level projects such as the comprehensive service center of the Changjiangyuan village in Tanggula township as well as the auxiliary facilities of the tourism center.

Based on its own industrial advantages, CNPC is playing an active role in promoting the development of the petrochemical industry in the local region.

On the one hand, it has approved an alkyl-based oil refinery in Qinghai’s Golmud with a capacity of 50,000 tons per year that started construction last year. On the other hand, the company added new equipment in the refinery to produce 150,000-ton jet fuel per year. It will speed up to build the region's oil pipe networks.    

Education assistance   

CNPC has set up a 5 million yuan education fund to support excellent students in Tsonyi for study in Lhasa and Beijing, and award merit local teachers in the county. 

Improving livelihood

To improve the medical conditions and cure diseases in the Tsonyi county, CNPC has taken surgery as a major method instead of making a round of visits in the past.

The company has sent 20 health care personnel in Tsonyi to the inland area for special training, invested 1.5 million yuan to debug and install new medical equipment such as respirator, invigilator and laparoscope, and provided guidance in surgery.

To date, CNPC has built around 110 projects in Tsonyi and Qinghai’s Golmud in sectors such as roads, dwellings, education, medical care, drinking water, natural gas lines and agriculture planting parks.

The company largely improves the local conditions of those areas and contributes its combined strengths in the nation's poverty relief initiative.

(Executive editor: Hao Wen)