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Shen Ying Meets with Mr. Per Callesen, Deputy Governor of Denmarks Nationalbanks

en.sasac.gov.cn| Updated: January 24, 2017

On January 16, Shen Ying, Chief Accountant of SASAC, met with Mr. Per Callesen, Deputy Governor of Denmarks Nationalbanks.


Shen Ying talked about the general situation of central SOEs’ performance and the measures SASAC and central SOEs took to control debt risks. She pointed out that faced with commodity price drop in the global market, central SOEs have actively implemented the supply side structural reform measures to cut overcapacity, reduce inventory, deleverage financing, reduce cost, strengthen weak links and deal with zombie enterprises. They were committed to enhancing performance and their total profit was boosted, which proved to be better than expectation. After the outbreak of the international financial crisis, SASAC established debt risk control system to dynamically monitor the debt risk of central SOEs. SASAC also promoted central SOEs to enhance their performance with macro and micro measures and achieved good results.

Mr. Callesen introduced the status quo of Danish economy and enterprises. He pointed out that some Danish enterprises are highly internationalized and the cooperation between Danish and Chinese enterprises is increasing. He hoped to see more communication and cooperation between enterprises, which he believes will contribute to the bilateral relationship of the two countries.

They also discussed topics concerning the role and function of central SOEs, layout and mixed ownership reform.