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Third West-East Gas Pipeline fully completed

Updated: 2018-12-14

The eastern segment of the Third West-East Gas Pipeline received a completion acceptance certificate on Dec 9, marking finalization of the project. 

The segment runs from Ji'an city of East China's Jiangxi province to Fuzhou city of Fujian province over a length of 832.4 km and its annual gas transmission amount is 15 billion cu m, delivered throughout the two provinces.

The construction of the eastern segment started on Oct 16, 2012 and it has been able to transmit gas since Dec 12, 2016. As of the day of gaining completion acceptance the segment had already transmitted 1 billion cu m of gas, which means a 4.4 million ton reduction of carbon dioxide emissions or planting of 4.4 million hectares of broad-leaved forest.

Ninety-five percent of natural gas of Quanzhou, East China's Fujian province, is consumed for its industrial development especially for the city's prosperous and internationalized ceramic industry. The completion of the eastern segment is environmentally critical for the gas-thirsty city, said Gao Xin, a manager of a Quanzhou gas company.

"Central Asian natural gas is sent to Quanzhou and the clean energy helps to transform economic development and build clean production. Then the products go abroad through the Maritime Silk Road," said Gao.

The Third West-East Gas Pipeline has three main natural gas sources, namely Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

The eastern segment construction set tough tasks as 80 percent of the project was in mountainous areas with complex geological conditions and a potential for natural disasters.

After four years of hard work, the eastern segment of the Third West-East Gas Pipeline was completed and met the high environmental protection requirements.

Now, both the eastern and western segments of the Third West-East Gas Pipeline are finished and fully operational.

(Executive editor: Li Shuling)

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