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China Huadian gears up for CIIE

Updated: 2018-10-31

The first China International Import Expo (CIIE) will open at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai in a few days. It is a landmark project for propelling a new round of high-level opening-up and the last of this year's four major diplomatic events held in China.

China Huadian Corporation, the primary energy supplier for the CIIE, has dedicated itself to key areas and segments in preparation for the expo.

The state-owned power generation company will follow President Xi Jinping's instructions to host a first-class international expo.

Huadian deeply understands the significance of the import expo. Its general manager has given special instructions that the company's Shanghai branch should do its best to prepare for the coming expo on political awareness, to enhance the company's image.

The Shanghai branch is working hard to fulfill its task. It has established a service support team consisting of the corporation's Party chief as group leader, the general manager as deputy leader, and branch leaders and staff as members in charge of relevant functional departments.

The team has four working groups, one each for coordination and guarantees, spot work as required, safety and environment, and media. Each group has developed its own detailed plan for the expo task, and clarified its responsibilities.

Regular meetings have been held to ensure that no loopholes or hidden dangers have been overlooked and all aspects are covered. The preparation work is progressing steadily and on schedule.

The energy station of the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai).jpg

The energy station of the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)

An electricity safety competition was hosted in the Shanghai branch to boost the employees' enthusiasm and encourage them to make more contributions to the expo.

Five power plants in Shanghai are fully prepared for a stable energy supply, safety and environmental protection, security and counter-terrorism requirements, and facility maintenance. Each energy supply requirement has been carefully finalized and management and service have been largely advanced.

The energy station of the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai), built and operated by Huadian, is only about 200 meters from the expo venue. Early in April, it had already prepared an energy supply plan for the expo, and organized a group of experts to repeatedly discuss improvements.

To cope with Shanghai's November temperatures, the station has estimated the energy required for the expo in advance, and held multiple drills practicing various operational plans and emergencies. It has focused on quality, safety and detail, as well as inspection of energy service, and will continue to improve emergency management.

Staff work hard for energy supply for the CIIE.jpg

Staff work hard for the energy supply for the expo.

All the staff at the station and emergency repair personnel from main facility factories such as suppliers of gas and lithium bromide worked for 24 hours to increase patrols of the facilities and carry out troubleshooting. A 24-hour energy supply for the expo venue and hotels that will serve heads of states and participants from different countries is guaranteed.

Upgrading and rebuilding of the station surface has also been finished, so that the building is well integrated into its surrounding landscape.

Huadian is keeping to a tight schedule with high standards, fast pace and full coverage especially as it enters the final preparation stage. In the last ten days before the opening of the expo, everyone from Huadian is voluntarily meeting their responsibilities.

The expo is a sign of China's great contribution to global development, and will express the fundamental need of implementing the new development concept and setting up a modern economic system. As a member of the state-owned enterprises trading group, Huadian is actively participating.

It has established a live purchasing service team at the expo, and will organize nine signing ceremonies for purchases of raw coal, high-end power equipment, and maintenance technology.

Through this important innovation and opening platform, China Huadian will further activate the driving forces of innovation in high-end manufacturing, technological innovation and other fields, and improve its energy efficiency and promote industrial transformation and upgrading. It will always firmly adhere to high-quality development and strive to become a world-class energy enterprise with global competitiveness.

(Executive editor: Hao Wen)

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