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Sinopec Lubricant releases the world’s highest standard diesel oil

Updated: 2018-10-05

Sinopec Lubricant Company announced its latest CK-4 level diesel engine oil - TULUX T700, with the top global standard at a recent news conference in Perth, Australia.

CK-4 is the latest generation of diesel engine oil specifications introduced by the American Petroleum Institute. This specification focuses on the fuel economy and change cycle of an oil product, further improving the requirements for oxidation resistance, wear resistance and shear stability of the product and meeting the Euro 5 and China 6 emission standards.

The company's lubricant is the first product in the world to get the American Petroleum Institute's CK-4 certification. 

At present, Sinopec Lubricant has cooperated with more than 10 Australian local mining groups including the McMahon, becoming an important lubricant brand in the Australian market.   

For the Australian market, Sinopec Lubricant has fully utilized its products and services to continuously promote network construction and product promotion in its key markets, and has formed close cooperative relations with key enterprises such as local mining, metallurgy and transportation.

(Executive editor: Li Shuling)

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