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Peng Huagang

Updated: April 24, 2022

Peng Huagangpenghuagang_副本.jpg

Member of the CPC Committee, SASAC

Secretary General of SASAC

Curriculum Vitae:       

Mr. Peng Huagang, born in October 1962, is a male ethnic Han from Liyang, Jiangsu Province. He started his career in August 1983 and is a CPC member. He holds a doctoral degree in economics and is a senior economist.

Peng Huagang has successively held the following posts:

Researcher of the Research Office, Deputy Division Chief of the Research Group, and Deputy Director of the Research Office, the CPC Committee Office of Shougang Corporation;

Director of the Employee Examination and Assessment Committee of Shougang Corporation;

Deputy Director of the Organization Department of the CPC Committee of Shougang Corporation;

Division Chief Level Official of the Research Office of the State Economic and Trade Commission;

Division Chief of the Department of Policies, Laws and Regulations of the State Economic and Trade Commission;

Deputy Director General of the Research Office of the State Economic and Trade Commission;

Deputy Director General, Director General of the Research Office (the Industry Association Liaison Office) of SASAC;

Director General of the Bureau of Research (Director General of the Industry Association Liaison Office) and concurrently Secretary of the Research Center CPC Committee, SASAC;

Deputy Secretary General, Secretary General of SASAC;

Currently, Mr. Peng Huagang is Member of the CPC Committee, SASAC, and Secretary General of SASAC.